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are eggs good for you

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are eggs good for you

are eggs good for you

Not to mention the popular egg as a good food for bachelors. Egg pads can be made instantly at any time. And not bad to eat. It is also possible to give the body the appropriate protein at low cost through eggs. But, as we wonder, are eggs as good for our bodies? The matter is a little worrying. Many people think that eggs are the cause of various heart problems. But are eggs really harmful? Shouldn’t we eat eggs at all? Read this article to resolve all disputes over eggs.

Eggs are good for you. Or harmful:
According to Christopher, a nutrition professor at the University of Connecticut, eggs have all the potential to make a human body nourish. So in terms of nutrition, it can be said to be much more self-sufficient. Not only that. Eggs are with other foods. By taking it, our body can take more amount of vitamins than usual. For example, if you put an egg in a bowl of salad, it is good for you. You will get more vitamins from other ingredients. However, the positive side of the egg did not always come in front of everyone.

On the downside, eggs are often criticized for having too much cholesterol. The white of an egg contains about 165 mg of cholesterol. We should take maximum 300 mg of cholesterol daily to keep our body healthy. An egg contains half that amount which is good for you. So eggs are harming our body, or bringing benefits? The question remains.

What is cholesterol?
Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol is harmful to our body;
When we hear the word cholesterol, we all think of something negative. In fact, cholesterol is inherent in our body. It is mainly produced in our liver and intestines. This yellow cholesterol is found in some amount in every cell of the body. This element, commonly thought to be ‘negative’, forms blocks in our cell membranes. It also plays a role in the production of vitamin D, estrogen and testosterone hormones required by the body. In general, our body produces essential cholesterol, but the body also receives cholesterol from animal foods.

Cholesterol is transmitted through lipoprotein molecules in our body. The structure of this lipoprotein is different in each person’s body. And accordingly the ability to take in cholesterol, the heart problems caused by it are also different. Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol is harmful to our body. It carries cholesterol directly from the liver to the blood vessels and veins. Which later causes blockage in the blood vessels and gives rise to various heart diseases.

However, researchers are still reluctant to believe that cholesterol is the only direct cause of cardiovascular disease. They think that there is a role of saturated fat behind this. In fact, our well-being depends on how much fat we are consuming. Even if we do not take cholesterol directly, there is a risk of increasing the amount of LDL in our body by taking trans fat.

Eggs, along with shrimp, are the only good food for you that contain very little saturated fat. In most cases, trans fats are naturally produced in animals, but often they are made artificially. In particular, different types of breakfast, fried foods contain a lot of this trans fat. Pastries, cakes and donuts are good for you and you will find a lot of fat in them.

In this case, the opposite is true for eggs. Saturated fats are mostly trans fats that are naturally produced in animals, and since these saturated fats cause blood clots, the risk of illness is much less. In short, according to the researchers, even though the amount of cholesterol in eggs is very high, it can cause blockage in the blood vessels and heart problems for you. It is low in saturated fat, so it does not have any negative effects on the body. But either is good for you

Also for cholesterol and eggs One of the reasons why the discussion on this subject has decreased is because our physical process has worked. Your body naturally has the ability to absorb the cholesterol you get through food in a completely positive way. So it is very unlikely that it will be very harmful for us. In 2015, Johnson and his research team examined a total of 40 studies.

They found no link between cholesterol and heart disease. When excess cholesterol is given to the body, the body accepts it and produces less cholesterol by itself, they said. If cholesterol is oxidized in the veins then it can be harmful for our body. In the case of eggs the cholesterol produced is also not oxidized. In some cases this cholesterol also works positively for our body.

Eggs are good for you:
For example, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol enters the liver and breaks down, leaving the body. In this way it helps in overcoming various problems of heart and blood vessels. Cholesterol is a major cause of blockage in the bloodstream.

The whole thing depends on whether LDL and HDL are in balance. While most of us can normally digest cholesterol taken from the outside, some human bodies cannot. 10-15% of the cholesterol taken begins to accumulate in the blood.

However, on the one hand, many people have said that eggs are not the cause of harm, on the other hand, research is underway on how harmful eggs are for our body. Recently, 30,000 adults were monitored for 18 consecutive years and found that people who ate half an egg a day were more likely to have heart problems and mortality.

For every 300 milligrams of cholesterol, the incidence of cardiovascular disease in humans increases by 16%, according to the study. Eating half an egg a day increased a person’s heart rate by 7% and mortality by 8%. However, the question in this study is just what a person ate that day. The rest of us think that this study is incomplete. This is because for a person other than food, heart disease and mortality can increase. And that matter was not seen at all in this study.

At the same time, the study claims that a study of about 50,000 people in China in 2016 was wrong. Where it was stated that eggs reduced the risk of death from heart disease by 18% for one person. In addition, the risk of dying from a stroke is reduced by 26%.

So eggs are good for you. Or worse?
Let us go straight to the answer to the question that started this article. There is a lot of debate about whether eating eggs is good or bad for our health, there is research. Along with the argument, there is also the counter-argument of refutation.

Eggs may not have any negative effect on our body for cholesterol. However, eggs contain a substance called choline, which enters the human liver to form a molecule called TMAO and makes the heart sick. Experiments have shown that the amount of this molecule increases for a human body 12 hours after eating an egg. However, this same ingredient also prevents Alzheimer’s. Besides, there is no shortage of counter-answers. The lutein in eggs helps keep our eyes healthy.

Eggs are good for you. Good or bad?
There is a lot of debate about this, there is research: in general, there is still a lot of testing to be done about how harmful or beneficial eggs are for us. Scientists are continuing their research in this regard. Egg pose for breakfast or egg curry with rice until the results are known, as always!

If you want, you can see the nutritional value of the video below

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