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To remove Dry skin face
In order to reduce the Dryness of the skin in winter, regular moisturizer should be applied. Many people have cracked skin at this time. However, those whose skin is a little Dry and rough in nature, their problems are a little more than others at this time.

In this regard, the Associate Professor of the Department of Dermatology and Sexual Diseases of the hospital, khan Fahad, said that in winter, some people’s skin gets extra cracked. Excess skin can cause cracking of the face due to congenital causes. It can also be due to some diseases. Even after applying moisturizer regularly, if you have extra skin face cracks, you should understand that this is happening due to some problem. In that case you need to take the advice of a doctor.

Why is Dry skin face?

In our country, Dry skin face usually occurs due to Dry weather in winter. Due to low humidity, too much sunlight and cold air.
Due to hereditary or genetic reasons, the number of oil and sweat glands decreases after the age of 40.

Because of the profession. Such as those who do gardening, farming or construction work.
Excessive swimming or bathing in chlorinated water, especially using hot water or alkaline soaps, smoking, alcohol and caffeine consumption, excessive air travel.

Vitamin A and B deficiency. Although it lacks zinc and fatty acids, it causes Dry skin.
Some skin diseases, taking some medicines, excessive position in AC, thyroid problems, diabetes, use of extra perfume etc. also cause Dry skin face.

How to cure Dry skin face?

Find out the real cause of Dry skin face.
Make sure that the skin is not dry.

Use a good moisturizer. Before applying the moisturizer, clean the dead skin cells.
Use moisturizing soap.
Drink plenty of water. Try to wear soft cotton comfortable clothes.

Care of palms and soles of feet:
At this time, when 10 percent urea and Vaseline is applied, the palms of the hands become much smoother. In winter, the soles of many feet get cracked. Apply 5% salicylic acid ointment or Vaseline regularly.

face care

You can use a good moisturizing cream. For those who have acne problems, they can mix a little water with the cream. Don’t think that winter is coming and the need to use sunscreen lotion or cream has decreased. Even in winter, use sunscreen 30 minutes before going out.

Lip care

Lips burst repeatedly in cold air. Sometimes it ruptures so much that the skin comes up and blood comes out. Lips should never be wet with the tongue. Soak a clean cloth in lukewarm water and lightly press it on the lips three or four times. Then apply Vaseline or glycerin thinly. Keep a good cosmetic bag for the lips and apply three to four times a day.

Natural skin Care

A few minutes before taking a bath, apply olive oil all over the body. Make a scrub with 1 tablespoon of olive oil + 5 tablespoons of salt + 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. You can apply it on the face and all over the body. This will remove the dead cells. Massage in dry place and wash off after two-three minutes.

You will benefit from using coconut oil on the affected area. Mix aloe vera gel with honey and wash off after 10 minutes. Eat lots of vegetables. Drink enough water. Take care of the skin.

For those who have chronic skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, ichthyosis, etc., their skin problems may increase during this time. So they need to be more aware. If necessary, consult a doctor in advance.

Dry skin face or dehydration of the skin

As a skin specialist I often hear a question, what is the difference between Dry skin face and dehydration. Most of the time we don’t know if our dry skin face is dehydrated. For this, first of all I would like to say that there is a difference between dry skin face and dehydration. Dry skin face is a type of skin. Our skin is basically of four types: Dry, oily, mixed and normal skin. And dehydration is the condition of the skin.

There are more skin conditions. One of its conditions is dehydration. Today I will tell you the way to get rid of it. It is rainy season in our country now. Even if it rains a lot this season, the heat doesn’t seem to go away. Humidity is also high at this time. But a little less than hot. Yet even at this time our body needs a lot of water. Water plays an important role in maintaining the normal temperature of our body.

Dehydration occurs due to lack of water in the body. Which can affect our skin and face. The main symptoms of dehydrated skin are skin and face

For dehydrated skin face, follow these instructions

(One). Use a light facewash.
(Two). Hyaluronic acid serum should be used. Because, it eliminates the dehydration of skin face.
(Three). Drinking coffee should be reduced.
(Four). Cosmetics that contain excess water should be used.
(Five). Need to do simple exercises.
(Seven). Those who have more dehydration on their skin face or dehydration in anything else, they can use a special face mask if they want.

Here’s how to put one together for use with your mask. So you can easily make it at home. Grind cucumber, mix aloe vera gel, sour yogurt, honey and vitamin E capsules together and apply on face and leave for 15 minutes. Then the face skin should be washed with mild cold water. Finally apply hydrating cream.

I personally talk about using two hydrating creams; One is Women’s World’s Aloe Cream and the other is Ole Active Hydrating Cream.

Remember, keeping skin hydrated is very important for our body. This is because when the body is dehydrated, the skin becomes dehydrated and the physiological functions are not done properly. The body feels tired, there is a risk of urinary tract infection. The normal functioning of the skin is not done, as new skin cells are not formed. The dead cells accumulate and the pores of the skin close.

Remember, our body is 75 percent water. So you have to drink at least eight glasses of water every day as a rule. Hopefully, I have been able to explain at least some of the issues of dryness and dehydration. And taking care of your dry skin face and loving yourself is very important. Because, if you are good yourself, you can keep your family and relatives well.

Can I know the names of the creams that make boys Dry skin face better?
You can choose “Ponds Winter Care Cream” for oily dry skin face. Due to which the skin does not have oily feeling. Moisturizes Dry skin by blending well with the skin.

It even softens and softens Dry skin with regular use. This creamy formula reaches deep into the skin and makes Dry skin vital. Dermatologically Tested This cream can also be used by sensitive skin owners for Dry skin face. You can easily get the cream in the local market.

You can also buy “Nivea Soft Cream” if you have oily combination type skin i.e. skin face has more oily part then this cream is perfect for you. If you have an oily zone, you will be especially benefited. This oil free formula makes the skin face smooth, soft. Before going to bed at night, use a cream rich in vitamin E. This cream maintains the moisture of the skin face as well as nourishes the skin face.

So use vitamin E rich cream for full protection of Dry skin face this winter. If you want to buy body lotion, buy “Vaseline and Nivea” body lotion. These lotions are very good. Thanks to this lotion, your oily skin face owners will have dry body and hands and feet will be smooth 24 hours a day in winter. The lotion is formulated in such a way that normal, Dry, oily everyone can use it. Drink plenty of water to make Dry skin face better.