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leggings for girls

Leggings for girls:
Do you wear black leggings for fashion, indoors or outdoors? If you wear it, it is very scary. And this fear is not a matter of life and death. Because of that black color …. Dengue mosquitoes are so attractive that they will bite you and leave you if you wear black leggings. Leggings’.) Not only leggings for black girls, dengue mosquitoes are more focused on other black colored clothes. But black leggings are specially made because they are thin and sticky with the skin. As a result, dengue mosquitoes can pierce your skin from above.

So, even if there is a big desire, the thought of wearing black leggings for girls has to be left out for the time being because of Bersik dengue mosquito. It is good to know another thing in this gap, dengue is caused by mosquito bites and not mosquitoes. That means girl is the enemy of girls! Maybe no one in our country has a headache with this. We don’t know if our health officials have any information about this. But the Thai government is concerned. Those who wear black leggings for fashion in that country have been warned by the government. According to a recent report in the London Telegraph, dengue mosquitoes are a great attraction to black clothing.

Wearing this dress for girls, dengue mosquitoes can be fascinated and attack at any time. And then whatever happens will happen. Dengue fever can be life threatening. Based on the Telegraph’s report, the Thai government has warned its girls, especially TJs, not to wear black leggings. The country’s deputy public health minister said: “It’s very difficult. If such a situation, how will the girls fashion? I am very concerned about the clothes of the teenagers in particular, ”he said.

He also called on everyone to be careful. The Thai minister is concerned that the number of dengue mosquitoes has risen at an alarming rate. According to official figures, 43 people have died of dengue fever in the last seven months of this year. During this time, about 45,000 people have been treated for dengue. So it is better to be careful. Researchers say that dengue mosquitoes are more attracted to black clothing. Therefore it is better to avoid black clothes. Tight clothing like leggings especially for girls.

Why the sudden controversy for girls leggings?

Two young women were not allowed to board a United Airlines flight due to the girls wearing leggings. The incident on Sunday has started a huge debate through various social media.

In the case of those two girls, they were guests of a flight attendant; The airline has a separate dress code for guest passengers. Failure to comply with this code prevents them from boarding the aircraft. However, this is not the first controversy in the United States over the wearing of leggings or yoga pants by girls.

The popularity of both types of tights is increasing in leisure time. It has also been the subject of intense debate in recent years. These leggings for girls are considered by many to be more comfortable as an alternative to jeans. However, due to this clothing, many people’s body is exposed; It even looks weird.

For the past year, a man in the US state of Rhode Island has written a letter to a local daily urging girls over the age of 20 not to wear leggings. Alan Sorrentino writes, ‘Yoga pants like mini skirts can be comfortable for kids and teens; Those who receive the natural blessings of youth. However, the appearance of mature, older women due to this dress is bizarre and embarrassing. ‘

The women, meanwhile, called for a “yoga pants protest” in Barrington, Texas. Hundreds of girls of all ages (for) walked around the city of Barrington wearing leggings. One of the organizers of the protest was Jamie B. He told the BBC the protest was not about yoga pants.

‘It’s a kind of right for me and others. Why do people feel the need to tell others about how to dress for girls? ‘ He was later ridiculed for his letter.

But for different parts of the world, many girls continue to fight against the barrier to wearing comfortable shoes and clothing from Burkini (body-covered swimwear).

Meanwhile, United Airlines authorities say regular passengers on the plane do not fall under the same leggings ban when a heated debate erupted on social media to persuade the two girls to board the plane. leggings

However, when the flight staff and their relatives travel with special passes; Then girls can’t wear leggings, ‘Lycra, spandex tops and skinny dresses.

Heather Poole, a flight attendant for United Airlines, said in a tweet on social media that there were dress codes for airline staff; They represent the company.

“There are dress codes for men too,” she said. It’s casual. We can’t wear flip flops or shorts. “

The issue of girls’ leggings has sparked controversy in several US schools. For the past year, the dress code for female students at a school in the state of Ohio has been changed. It was said at the time that the change was due to the sexual orientation of school uniforms for girls.

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