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chicken the animal

the animal is chicken . the enthusiasm of the people for keeping improved breeds of chickens in the country is increasing day by day. And good weather is also very suitable for raising chickens. Because, under the pressure of growing population, it is not possible to overcome the shortage of non-vegetarian food. As a result, lack of nutrition is hampering the mental development of countless children in the country. Incredible but true is the fact that in the developed world where per capita egg availability per year is 200; There are only 15 to 16 in some countries.

In order to overcome this deficit, every household is improved the animal is chicken. Cultivation is essential. One of the improved varieties the animal is chicken they start laying eggs at the age of six months and lay 200 to 250 eggs a year. On the other hand, broiler chickens give 1.5 to 2 kg of meat in two months. Less labor and less cost at home the animal is chicken the deficiency of protein in the family can be easily met.

Family wise the animal is chicken As a result of observance, young sons and daughters of the family, young men and women and even old men and women can keep themselves engaged in some work in their leisure time. And keeping this goal in mind, you are also one. The animal is chicken. You can build a rooster family with it. You will benefit from this. The demand for meat and eggs will be met. Before building a rooster family you must know advanced. The animal is chicken. Modern art of rearing.


To build a rooster family, first you need to fix the chicken coop. Make the hen house four feet high, 4 and a half feet wide and 6 feet long. Note more (1) The house should be kept dry and clean at all times. (2) Build a house in an open space (3) When the floor of the house is three inches thick, mix half a kg of powdered powder with the amount of husk, wood powder or sand and spread it evenly. (4) Floor wood powder or chaff will be turned upside down for 7 consecutive days. If it is damp or frozen, change it. You can keep chickens outside without keeping them indoors.

Collection space:

Of improved varieties the animal is chicken there is no reason to worry about where to get it. Collect improved breeds of chickens from the Manipur Central Poultry Farm in Dhaka or from the sales center of the Department of Livestock on Krishi farm Road. Food: If you want to get more eggs, give the chicken a balanced diet daily. Every day, give each chicken 115 grams of balanced food, adequate amount of pure water and 25 grams of green leafy vegetables or chopped grass.

You can make your own balanced diet the components of a balanced diet are as follows:

Food production – 400 grams of broken wheat / maize or rice itself. 50 grams of wheat bran. Rice husk (without husk) 250 grams. 120 grams of sesame oil. 100 grams of dried fish powder. 75 grams of oyster powder. A balanced diet totals 1,000 grams or 1 kg.

Immune system:

Yours the animal is chicken Take regular immunizations to keep you healthy. You can get Free vaccinations against the battlefield, Cholera, Smallpox from the Livestock Department. Take care of yourself, yours. the animal is chicken. If you are sick, consult a veterinarian immediately. Identify sick chickens and set them aside immediately. Diseased without it. the animal is chicken. Carefully collect the excrement and saliva and bury it in the ground.

Income and Expenditure:

One the animal is chicken Building a house (including food pots) for the family will cost around Rs 2,000 and the house can be used for several years. 9 six months old. the animal is chicken. And the purchase price of 1 rooster is 2 thousand rupees. After 1 year, these 10 chickens can be sold at almost the same price. If you buy an egg, the price of 1 egg will be 6 rupees. If you buy a baby chicken, the price of 1 will be 30 rupees. 9 will cost 260 rupees. Every month the animal is chicken. It will cost about 600 rupees to buy food. The cost will be even lower if you make your own balanced meal of chicken.

Foods without extra calories that give you energy:

9 the animal is chicken. An average of 8 eggs can be found every day. You can earn an average of 1440 rupees per month by selling eggs. Produced eggs can be used as food and hatching eggs. If the chicks can be hatched with a portion of the eggs produced in your labor, then the country and the nation will have several well-developed breeds of roosters. the animal is chicken. Get the baby.

This time we will know golden The animal is chicken Details:

The golden animal is the chicken. Laying 60-65 eggs a year in almost complete free of cost in the family environment with complete weaning method. These hens hatch at the end of each laying of eggs (12-14) and raise the chicks under their own care. Their eggs weigh 40-45 grams and are relatively resistant to disease. Foreigners, on the other hand, are more egg-laying. The animal is chicken. Produces about 320 eggs per year and the average weight of each egg is 56 grams. It goes without saying that these chickens do not have a tendency to shrink, but the disease resistance is very low in the weather.

Considering these realities, in the hope of getting more eggs (150-160) of eggs weighing more than domestic eggs, the Department of Livestock has introduced cross-breeding of IR breed roosters and Fermi breed chickens of medium weight and light golden color. The animal is chicken. Varieties are invented. These hens are now known as “golden hens”. The management system for rearing golden hens and laying hens is very foreign. The animal is chicken. Similar to the observance method. Also golden at the farm level or in the general range The animal is chicken In an attempt to give the technical concept of rearing “Golden variety The animal is chicken The question and answer session titled “Observance” highlights:

Related information:

Native The animal is chicken Lays 50-60 eggs a year.

Golden The animal is chicken What are the qualities?

Eggs and meat are relatively tasty, disease resistance is high and baby rearing is convenient.

Golden. The animal is chicken. Is there any lack of nutritional value of eggs and meat?

A: No, golden. The animal is chicken. Eggs and meat are low in fat and have adequate amounts of other nutrients.

Six- to seven-week-old golden rooster. The animal is chicken. How much can it weigh?


Only 200-300 grams

Why don’t ordinary consumers like foreign eggs and meat a lot?

Golden. The animal is chicken. Egg-meat is more delicious.

Is there any problem for the farmers because of this?

There are many problems and in this case the farmers are golden. The animal is chicken. Nearby or somewhat improved varieties suitable for weather. The animal is chicken. Be interested in keeping.

What could be the problem in importing foreign children?

Diseased and weak children can spread the disease in the country and physical growth and egg production are not as expected.

Golden. The animal is chicken. Is it possible to create a complementary or similar variety?

In 1986, a senior official of the Department of Livestock said that there was a variety called Amber golden. The animal is chicken. Invented.

Golden the animal is chicken. How and where was it first invented?

In the Government Central Poultry Farm, the golden breed chickens have been created by cross-breeding the egg-producing RIR (Rhode Island Red) breed with the egg-producing Egyptian fermi breed.

Of the golden variety the animal is chicken. What are the benefits of observance?

Golden variety the animal is chicken. It can be reared, laying 125-130 eggs a year, the body weight is about 1.5 kg, each egg weighs about 50 grams. The animal is chicken. Similar to eggs.

Golden the animal is chicken. Where are the IR and fermi breed chickens available as parent stock?

golden on a government central poultry farm and a couple of private farms the animal is chicken. Breeds are preserved and their lineage is propagated.

One day golden The animal is chicken Can the baby be fed?

Corn, wheat or Broken rice can be sprinkled on the bed inside the brooder or If you want for the first 2-3 days.

What else to do during or before food delivery?

Saline water, Vitamin Premix and Vitamin-C should be given 3-4 times a day.

Golden the animal is chicken. What kind of food?

Similar food to chickens of all ages can be provided in other commercial farms made in all domestic food items.

What to do for disease prevention?

In addition to the collection and rearing of disease free children, all measures for life safety should be taken and proper vaccination should be given.

What are the vaccines and medicines to be used to keep the disease free?

Vaccines and antioxidants should be given against BCRDB,RDV and malignant diseases. Booster dose should be given according to the doctor’s instructions.

When to feed the golden chicken deworming?

It is better to feed pesticides on the 35-36th day of birth of golden hens. To know better. Consult a full time doctor.

What can be the arrangement of the golden chicken house?

Similar measures should be taken for house management of other laying hens.

How much food will it take for each baby for two months?

About 1.75 kg.

How much can a golden chicken weigh?

About 600-700 grams.

Approximately how much money can be gained from 1000 golden hen chicks by keeping two months?

The profit can be around Rs. 60,000.00.

Golden the animal is chicken. On what do farm profits depend?

On baby receipt, food price, mortality rate, baby’s physical growth and market demand.

The golden layer the animal is chicken. What is the benefit?

Thirty-five to forty chickens can earn about Rs. 4,500.00 per month.

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